Giant pumpkin project update: September 15, 2022




Giant creamy white pumpkin on a hay-covered pallet, surrounded by smaller pumpkins ranging from white to bright orange, and in front of trees and a sign that says, "Audrey, 591.5 lbs., 5th at the Minnesota State Fair."

At 591.5 lbs., Audrey is a popular attraction for Arboretum visitors.


It’s been gratifying and fun to meet so many people interested in the giant pumpkin project. Whenever we water Seymour, we enjoy the opportunity to share what we have learned about growing these mega veggies this summer while Arb visitors take selfies with Seymour.

Many thanks to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum staff for collaborating with us and supporting this project. And thanks to the media professionals who have helped spread the word about Seymour and Audrey.

Speaking of Audrey, she is comfortably holding court outside the Oswald Visitors Center at the Arb. Surrounded by smaller versions of herself, grapevine and a few haybales, Audrey is never without company these days as people stop and take pictures and kids hug her. “There’s Audrey!” we often hear as we pass by. 


Seymour continues to grow … and grow … and grow!


Woman in a maroon University of Minnesota shirt sitting behind a giant orange pumpkin on a wood pallet and surrounded by dark green leafy vines with a fence and shrubs in the background.

Extension fruit educator, Annie Klodd, poses with Seymour.


And he is one handsome pumpkin!

This week we removed the shade shelter and, with the help of Dave Klodd, Annie’s dad, we were able to get some solid measurements. Using these figures, we calculated Seymour’s estimated weight of 648 pounds using the Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth weigh-off calculator.

He is headed for the St. Croix Growers pumpkin weigh-off at the Stillwater Minnesota Harvest Fest on October 8. He may never be as big as some the massive Pepo maximas we have seen, but we think he’s definitely one of the most beautiful pumpkins!

After measuring, we replaced the shade cover and tucked him back into his shelter. The shelter protects Seymour’s skin from sun damage (there is no SPF for pumpkins) and hail. We continue to water daily, depending on rainfall, remove any fruits that develop on Seymour’s vine, and bury nodes to increase root mass and water uptake.



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