“Your Garage Can Save You Money”

November 2020 Home Improvement Topic from Menards

When you are looking for creative ways to save money on your home or business energy costs, consider insulating the garage. For many homeowners, the garage is a multi-functional space used to store equipment, protection from the elements, or even an entertainment space. If you’re having a hard time deciding if your garage needs to be insulated, consider the following questions to aid you in your decision. 


The first step is determining the purpose of the space. The primary purpose for insulation is to control the heat flow and maintain a consistent temperature. If temperature control, protection, and functionality are important to you, the next step is to decide which type of insulation you will need. 


Insulating a garage can increase your energy savings, act as a soundproofing barrier, and overall make your garage a more comfortable space. If you’ve decided it is the best option, consider the following most common insulation options and their facts:

  • Fiberglass: Most commonly used insulation available in batts, rolls, or loose-fill. Paper-face is an ideal option for those looking to add a vapor barrier and give the walls a slightly finished look. 
  • Cellulose: Ideal for already finished walls and ceilings as it is loose-fill. Most commonly blown into the area, cellulose is made of recycled newspapers that has been treated with fire retardant material. 
  • Rigid Foam: Used in walls, floors, and ceilings, rigid foam insulation is thin material with the ability to customize size to fit any area. Sold in 4 x 8 sheets, this expanded polystyrene foam board is a quick and easy way to insulate.  


Create a clean and polished look by adding drywall to your walls and ceiling. This step will open new doors to a variety of finishing options to complete your space such as paint, shiplap, trim, and much more


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