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Four decades later

Four decades had passed since your reporter’s family had visited a farm near Jordan, Minn., and then, a chance encounter on the telephone led to a bit of a reunion last Sunday.

Several family members attended a 90th birthday open house in Jordan for Catherine Bendzick.  Her daughter, Mary, had let the blast from the past be a surprise, and when Catherine realized who had come to her party, she was delighted.  Everyone received several big hugs.

Her son, Peter, was mistaken by the visitors for his oldest brother, Dave.  Pete was one of the smallest on the farm in the 1970s, and now he’s close to seven feet tall.  Brothers Dave, Gary, Pete, and Pat were all there, and it was fun talking to them and recalling memories of the farm and the adventures of the “city kids” from South St. Paul as they explored the barn and other buildings while learning about the animals and the daily dairy chores.  One son, Paul, is living in Montana, and prayers are being sent his way as he battles cancer.

The farm was sold long ago, but the house and the farm buildings are all still there.  Yours truly drove by one day a few years ago while passing through the area.

The brief re-connection with the Bendzicks last Sunday turned out real well, and everyone was glad they made the trip.  Your reporter’s mom and two sisters came all the way down from the Grand Rapids area.  It was great seeing them, too.


Weird weather

Something weird happened in Buffalo last Sunday, March 19.  The ice on Lake Pulaski was gone, and Buffalo Lake still had ice on it.  Usually, Buffalo Lake is free of ice before Pulaski.  Buffalo had lost most of its ice on March 7, but cold weather returned and the ice reformed.


Dubious weather recap

The highs and lows last week were as follows: 20-10, 26-4, 27-(-3), 30-5, 41-23, 41-26, and 40-27.  Warmer weather arrived Sunday, March 19 with a high of 54.


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Dave Trelstad, for telling about your guitar making hobby.  See the feature page to see some of his guitars and learn more about them.