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Hot goalie

The Minnesota Wild have a great goalie, but the St. Louis Blues have a hot goalie.

You see it often in hockey playoffs and tournaments.  The team with the hot goalie can go a long way.  If you have someone guarding the goal almost perfectly, your team can get out-shot two to one and still prevail.

Thatís been the case in the playoff series between the Wild and Blues.  The Wild literally out-shot the Blues 52-26 and lost 2-1 in the opening game.  The Blues won the second game 2-1, and then they won the third game 3-1 (The score would have been 2-1 again except for an empty-net goal at the end.).

The play of the Blues goalie has been a nightmare for the Wild.  They had just finished the best regular season in franchise history, and now (going into the fourth game on Wednesday, April 19) they faced elimination because they just could not score more than one goal a game against Jake Allen.

He has been phenomenal.  He made 114 saves in 3 games.  Most sports writers seem to agree the Wild have out-played the Blues, except in how many times they have put the puck behind the goalie.

Something has to give.  Either the trend will continue and the Wild will be done soon, or something fantastic is going to happen.  The only way to beat a hot goalie and come back from three games down in a seven-game series is to do something fantastic.


Would He be OK with that?

A recent news report said people in Arkansas support the death penalty.  Iím not OK with the death penalty because it is barbaric and contrary to the Ten Commandments.  Would God be OK with the death penalty?  I donít think so.


Dubious weather recap

It was a rainy week.  The gauge showed .3 inches Monday morning, April 10, .3 inches (plus .75 inches of snow) Tuesday morning, .37 inches Thursday morning, .5 inches Saturday morning, and .55 inches Saturday evening.  Altogether, thatís about 2 inches of rain.  The highs and lows last week were: 66-45, 50-32, 51-32, 52-37, 52-45, 65-48, and 67-51.  Did you enjoy the Easter Sunday sunshine?


Thanks for the tip

Thanks, Mike Potter, for telling about the remodeling of the Wright County Public Works Building recently.  The story and photos on the feature page tell about it this week.