Married at a church near their hometowns in Wisconsin, Frank and Marvel Korbel (center) exchanged wedding vows on Sept. 14, 1951.  The flower girl is Marvel's niece, Suzie Compton.  The others are (from left): Marvel's brother-in-law, Ralph Price; Marvel's sister, Clarice Price; Frank's brother, Edward Korbel; Marvel's friend, Annabelle Sorenson; Frank's friend, Dean Lillian; and Marvel's sister, Shirley Koolmo.  (Photo courtesy of Korbels)


Some Valentine's Day photo fun was enjoyed by Frank and Marvel in 2005.  (Photo courtesy of Korbels)


Enjoying time together, Marvel and Frank pose in the their Buffalo home.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


Comfortable in their Annandale home, Art and Ruby Geisinger, have many great memories after 75 years of marriage.  They both grew up on Annandale area farms and met when they were in high school.  (Photo by Ed DuBois)


On their January wedding day 75 years ago, Ruby and Art Geisinger pose outside.  (Photo courtesy of Geisingers)


Several years ago, Art and Ruby rode a camel while on a Holy Land trip.  (Photo courtesy of Geisingers)