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'Sun Art' from Buffalo

Over 30 artworks by Buffalo Art Guild members submitted to CBS Sunday Morning TV program

By Ed DuBois

You can see the artwork of Buffalo Art Guild members in a few of the local businesses in town, but you might have seen some of their "Sun Art" on the CBS Sunday Morning TV program.

During transitions while the show is broadcast, CBS likes to show sun-themed art, which has been submitted by artists from across the country.

Art Guild member Sarah Hoppe enjoyed seeing the sunny artworks, and an idea occurred to her that Art Guild members could create several works of sun art and submit them.

As Art Guild President Linda Pacel tells it, Guild members were already accustomed to creating works for the annual Buffalo Days show at MidCountry Bank.  The idea of going with the sun theme was appealing, and about 25 Guild members participated in the project, producing 30-plus sun-themed pieces.

Images of each piece (taken by Photographer Jim Eckberg) were sent to CBS Sunday Morning, along with the artists' consent.


January glimpse

A January broadcast of CBS Sunday Morning included a glimpse of a piece by Buffalo Art Guild member Corinne Miller.  The Guild reported the artwork was "fittingly shown at the end of a segment about artists Matisse and Diebenkorn, side by side."

Asked if other works by Guild members have been shown by CBS, Pacel said, "CBS told us about that one.  We will have to watch to see if any of the others will be shown."

For the sun-themed project, Guild members were each provided an 11-by-14-inch canvas.  The only parameters were to create a sun piece of art.  The body of work produced by Guild members was featured at MidCountry Bank during Buffalo Days 2016.  The sun artworks are now on display at the Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic.

Pacel mentioned that Thrivent Financial in Buffalo is another local business that displays art by members of the Guild.


About 40 members

Pacel, who joined the Art Guild about ten years ago, said, "I am amazed by the great variety of work that Guild members do."

She added that the "Guild can be whatever you want it to be."  Many creative people make up the membership, and some enjoy displaying their work, while others are a bit more private, which is no problem.

The Guild meets on the third Monday each month in the Buffalo Airport's arrival/departure building (7:15-8:30 p.m.).  The membership includes about 40 people, and meetings are attended by anywhere from 25-35 members, Pacel said.  Sometimes guest speakers are hosted at the meetings.

Posts on Facebook help keep everyone informed about upcoming meetings, shows and events.

For more information, contact Linda Pacel at 763-682-4261 or email lindapacel@yahoo.com.

Meanwhile, keep watching CBS Sunday Morning.  You might see an artwork from Buffalo.


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